Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing & Payment FAQs

A: Anyone can buy Email Credit Subscriptions.
Base,Standard,Preminum are different Email Credit subscription options.
A: Yes. The more credit you subscribe to, the more money you can save.
A: Registered user can purchase multiple credit subscriptions anytime.
A: Yes, once you purchase credits, they will expire based on the subscription you choose.
A: Credits expire after credit validity date is over, user’s remaining credits will expire in his account .
A: No. To subscribe for more than 1M credits in one go, user must mail to VerifyEmail support team at for better pricing discount.
A: User can purchase any Credit Subscriptions by using any Visa/Master or any national or International card.
A: Yes. User can access paid subscriptions invoice copies from your email inbox.


A: Anyone can buy Email Credit Subscriptions.
Base,Standard,Preminum are different Email Credit subscription options.


A: Typically, it takes around 2 to 4 hours to validate 10,000 mixed domain email addresses. You next obvious question is: "If someone is validating a million emails addresses, do I have to wait?" The answer is no, because we have multiple servers that process email addresses across different mailbox servers. When we start experiencing high queue times, we start adding additional servers to handle the processing. We use all the resources we need to use in order to take care of our customers.
A lot of different things that will cause emails to bounce, unrelated to whether the email address itself is good or poor, can cause emails to bounce. Here are a few instances:
  • Your IP is restricted.
  • Your content has been classified as spam.
  • You are going over a specific ISP's rate limitations.
  • Your email is not set up in accordance with RFC Standards.
  • Grey-listed domains are not being handled correctly by your email application. You were blocked by the recipient.
  • The recipient blocked you.
  • Obviously, none of the aforementioned instances indicate that the email address is invalid. It simply means that additional aspects that contribute to bounces must be addressed. You must have access to your SMTP Logs and evaluate the SMTP Codes to determine what is causing the bounce. If your high bounce rate is not a result of any of the aforementioned problems, please let us know. But in order to look into it, we need the SMTP Bounce you received. We will look into any cleaning-related difficulties if you send the emails and the SMTP Bounce notice to support